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About The Risk Specialty Group

We are a risk management and insurance firm focused on design professionals. Our clients seek to improve or maintain their existing insurance coverage while reducing associated costs. Learn more about Our Approach.

Our goal is to give you clear choices in an ever-increasingly complex world of insurance and compliance requirements. We protect our clients through appropriate coverage and experienced insight. The Risk Specialty Group provides the detailed service and advisory services required by design professional clients, which includes:


Knowledge of the unique risks of the design industry


Best practices
& benchmark


High level of customer service


Contract reviews for insurability


Relationships with specialty underwriters worldwide

Learn more about how the Risk Specialty Group can help your firm.

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Custom Risk Management and Insurance Coverage at a Competitive Price

Many businesses view their insurance agent as a “vendor”. That is not us. We are a “guide” in helping you navigate the complex world of Professional Liability Insurance & Risk Management. Here are the 3 ways you can get started with us now:

a quote

Just a Quote

Already know what Insurance your company needs?  Fill out our applications to get a quote.


Conversation then a Quote

Unsure about what you really need?  Talk with one of our licensed Insurance Agents for advice and next steps.


Full 360° Review

Need a comprehensive review of your company's exposures? Let one of our licensed Insurance and Risk Managers give you a free in-depth risk analysis.