Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap and Ransom coverage for firms that have employees traveling domestically or overseas in areas of the world that make them vulnerable to threats.


Scenarios in Policy Coverage

This policy can cover the following scenarios:
-Hostage Situations
-Illegal Detentions
-Maritime Piracy
-Threat Extortions

The Value of Coverage

Not all companies have a need for this coverage. In fact, most U.S. based business do not have this exposure. However, if you or any employees travel or office in countries with medium to high threats of violence and political instability, then protecting yourself and your employees is critical. These policies can also include value-added services such as preparedness training, threat analysis, security guards and ongoing crisis management support.
These situations have the potential to endanger an organization’s employees and their families, disrupt business operations and drain financial and personnel resources. Some estimates suggest that over 30,000 such incidents occur each year, and are on the rise.

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