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Litigation, Arbitration or Mediation?

Q: Is litigation, arbitration, or mediation a more favored method of resolving a dispute? A:  There are many variables to consider when determining which resolution method is best for your firm, and even for a particular project.  Find a knowledgeable attorney to help...

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Should I name third-party beneficiaries?

Q: Does my risk increase if I name third-party beneficiaries in my contract? A: Naming third-parties as beneficiaries in your contract may allow those parties the right to bring claims directly against you.  Since those parties might not otherwise have that right, by...

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Who owns my project documents?

Q: Does my client own my project documents? A: It depends on your contract language. A license to use your documents is often intended only when you’ve been paid in full for your services.  Also, some clients don’t understand that documents are project-specific and...

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Does indemnification leave me exposed?

Q: The indemnification section of my contract places the majority of responsibility on me.  How can I manage this exposure?   A: Be wary of references to damages or obligations beyond those that are proximately caused by the negligent rendering of your professional...

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Should I be concerned about a Set-off Provision?

Q:  My new client has proposed a set-off provision for our contract.  Is this an issue I should be concerned about? A:  A set-off provision typically allows your client to offset their own (real or potential) monetary claim against you by reducing their next payment...

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Jobsite Safety – Contract Tip of the Week

Q: I’ve always understood that design professionals aren’t responsible for jobsite safety, yet I continue to hear about design professionals who are brought into claims that involve unsafe conditions at a project site. Why does this happen and how can I manage this...

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