How do I insure my Drone?

Apr 8, 2019Contract Tips

Q: I use my Drone for my business, is it insured under my current General Liability Policy or do I need to purchase a separate Drone Liability Policy?

A:  Your General Liability coverage usually includes an exclusion that prohibits aviation coverage. In many cases, the exclusion will apply to drones, too. Your General Liability Policy won’t cover damage to the drone itself or any unforeseen damages your drone causes to others. Therefore, you need to purchase a separate Drone Liability policy.

What type of Drone Insurance is available?

Drone Insurance is divided in two parts:

  • Drone Liability Insurance – covers damage caused to a third party by your drone operations, including bodily injury and property damage. The cost of property damage or personal injury resulting from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or unmanned aerial system (UAS).
  • Drone Hull Insurance – covers the drone itself. It provides protection for physical damages to your drone.

How do I apply for coverage and what is the cost?

Risk Specialty Group can provide you with Drone Liability quotes from our specialty carriers. A Drone Liability policy can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000 for one (1) drone with $1,000,000 limits.