About Risk Specialty Group

Our Risk Management and Professional Insurance Company

We are a risk management and professional insurance company focused on design professionals. Many people wonder what is risk management? Our clients seek to improve or maintain their existing insurance coverage while reducing associated costs.

Our goal is to give you clear choices in an ever-increasingly complex world of professional insurance and compliance requirements. We protect our clients through appropriate coverage and experienced insight. The Risk Specialty Group provides the detailed service and advisory services required by design professional clients, which include:


Knowledge of the unique risks of the design industry


Best practices
& benchmark


High level of customer service


Contract reviews for insurability


Relationships with specialty underwriters worldwide

Who We Serve

The Risk Specialty Group is a risk management and professional insurance company providing businesses with Risk Management expertise and access to specialty carriers, some of which your current agent may not even know exists.

Through longstanding relationships with insurance underwriters and markets worldwide, we help clients improve their existing insurance coverage while reducing associated costs.

  • Information Technology
  • Software Designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Construction Managers
  • E P C Firms
  • Oil & Gas Consultants
  • Control System Integration
  • Cost Estimators
  • Landscape Architects
  • Drafting Firms

Custom Insurance & Risk Management at a Competitive Price

Many businesses view their insurance agent as a “vendor”. That is not us. We are a “guide” in helping you navigate the complex world of risk management insurance.

We have 3 ways you can get started with us, click below on the option you feel best fits your needs:
a quote

Just a Quote

Already know what Insurance your company needs?  Fill out our applications to get a quote.


Conversation & Quote

Unsure about what you really need?  Talk with one of our licensed Insurance Agents for advice and next steps.


Full 360° Review

Need a comprehensive review of exposures? Our Risk Managers give you a free in-depth risk analysis.

Our Approach To Risk Management & Professional Insurance


Would you like to outsource many of the mundane parts of insurance?

Need help managing your insurance compliance with clients?
Interested in working with insurance professionals that “get it”?
Let us take on the burden of keeping up with your insurance. Think of us as your outsourced Professional Insurance & Risk Management department. By simplifying the complex, we can help you reduce risk and increase profit.

Part of making things simple, is working with your firm in the way you want us to engage you. Our approach is driven by you. We can be as hands-off as you want us to be, or we can provide you with tailored advice throughout your customer journey.

Proven Results

The majority of companies that became our clients did so because we saved them 10% – 20% on their Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) policy for the same or better coverage.



Many firms become our clients because their current agent did not have the expertise or access to particular markets. Other clients came to us through referrals based on our high level of customer attention.



Each client request is a priority. Same-day answers, even within-the-hour responses to requests for certificates, client-specific increased limit options and policy inquiries are the rule and not the exception.



We are proud to be known for our entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and unique insight in the design professional arena.

(Sample clients and testimonials are available upon request)

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